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1989 Toyota Cressida - Texas_Cressida

"The Great White"

1989 Toyota Cressida San Antonio Raceway
Owner:   Texas_Cressida
Year: 1989
Make: Toyota
Model: Cressida
Est.Horsepower: 400
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1989 Toyota Cressida, chassis code MX83

(updated Dec, 2013)
Fully built 7MGE
9500 RPM red line.
TRD cams, 272 x 10.5 intake x 272 x 10.5 Exhaust.
TODA Shim-under-bucket set.
1mm oversize SS valves.
Ported, valve bowls bored to match larger valves.
Group-A spec. combustion chambers.
Custom JE 12:1 pistons on Crower rods,
and Precision Products titanium wrist pins.
Pistons are fully coated, ceramic domes, moly/teflon skirts.
Head and block both cut .020" to bring the compression up to 12:1.
Combustion chambers, valves & exhaust ports all ceramic coated.
JUNE adjustable cam gears.
GReddy timing belt.
FET .8mm metal head gasket.
Doweled 7M crank
(had to dowel pin this beast, kept ripping the flex plate off the crank with my 8500 rpm shift points when it had an auto).
Custom roller bearing auxillery shaft.
Clevite-77 bearings.
Custom 7 qt pan with swing door & crank scraper.
Custom 15% oil pump speed-up drive.
Remote oil filter.
Derale oil cooler.
Modified JDM NA Supra manifold,
with Modified BBK 70mm throttle body.
But soon to have 50mm ITBs.
SARD fuel pressure regulator.
Highly modified flapper-style AFM,
but soon to be a MAP based system.
K&N 9" cone filter inside custom filter housing.
Pacesetter modified headers, coated by HPC,
with full 80mm SS exhaust.
Exhaust crankcase evacuation system.
Derale twin electric fans.
Kazama Fail-proof engine mounts.
ATI crank dampener.
CSR electric water pump on custom 7M adaptor plate.

Drive train:
AP Racing twin disk 7.25" clutch on 8 pound flywheel.
W58 trans with Ikeya Sequential shifter.
Driveshaft Shop custom 1-piece drive shaft.
Street & Road Course - JDM helical LSD (T2 Torsen) & 4.56 gear set.
Lighter JZX81 half shafts.

Modified ECU - No Rev Limiter !
Apex-i S-AFC.
Apex-i Super ITC.
Crane Hi-6 ignition box.
ACCEL 140010 CD coil (labled 'Lethal Voltage)
ACCEL 300+ 8.8mm plug wires.
ACCEL Tach Adaptor
HKS Rev-Ad.

VDO EGT, water temp, oil pressure.
Innivate XD-16 A/F meter.
HKS injector pulse monitor.
Integral knock meter.

Front - JIC coil-overs with 10k x 200mm springs.
Rear - JIC coil-overs with 6k x 200mm progressive springs.
Custom 20mm rear sway bar.
Largus 27mm front sway bar.
Rare Yamaha Concept edition front strut bar.
Howe 2:1 steering quickener, now only 1.5 turns lock to lock.
EBN 30mm RCAs
Custom rear tubular adjustable lower control arms.
Custom rear adjustable upper control arms
Custom rear adjustable tension rods.
Custom rear adjustable toe rods.
Custom front adjustable lower control arms.
Custom front adjustable tension rods.
Every rubber joint, or mount on the suspension has been replaced with solid mounts, or Heim ends.
"custom' means I made it! No frigging XM, or Beech crap.

Wheels - BBS LMs, 17x7 front, 17x8 rear.

Tires - Dunlop Direzza-ZII, 215x45-17 front, 235x40-17 rear.

R32 GT-S Skyline front calipers & Wilwood 330mm disks.
R32 GT-S rear calipers on 305mm rear disks
SS braided brake lines.
Line Lock, with activation switch mounted in steering wheel.

Electric power steering pump from MR-S.
Custom Fluidine double pass aluminum radiator.
Odyssey 925 battery.
Recaro Speed seats (real ones)
Momo steering wheel.
JDM dual bulb head lamp assemblies.

To be installed as time permits:
(already purchased, waiting to be installed)
MAP-ECU as soon as the new engine id broke in
BMW E46 50mm ITB induction (manifold just about done)
BN type-1 nose, and side skirts.
Rear whale tail.
Defi Heads Up display.
Brake proportioning valve.

Additional items on 'Want List':
Drive shaft safety loop.

Not on this car:
Anything made by:
BC cams (BrianChina, Built-in-China, BratCrier?),
ACT, RPS (Real Piece of ***
Or any other part out of china or other third world countries.
Never, None, Nada, Zilch !

I sell only what I would use myself.
You to can have trick JDM parts,
just visit my web site: or my eBay auctions
100% positive feedback, 10 years of taking care of business.

or e-mail me at

Special thanks to:
My son, who bears with me on this never ending quest to make HP with a non-turbo 7M.

Watch the car here:

Silky | New User
Posts: 5 | Joined 07/31/09
Posted: 02/11/13 03:03 PM

LexusRacer | New User
Posts: 0 | Joined 05/26/10
Posted: 05/26/10 09:23 PM

Cool 4-door Dude !
supra553 | User
Posts: 201 | Joined 06/17/09
Posted: 06/17/09 02:31 AM

looking good keep it up  Smirk forgot my password  Smirk
our06t | New User
Posts: 4 | Joined 12/03/08
Posted: 12/03/08 05:09 PM

nice work ,you should check out the guys over here in Australia they work on my cars and run a very Nice cressida of their own
look for
RockPaperSwoRD | New User
Posts: 0 | Joined 11/27/08
Posted: 11/27/08 01:02 AM

SICK CRESSIDA MAN!! are you in SA? I drive a red mk3, and live around the northeast part of town
supra751 | User
Posts: 154 | Joined 10/05/08
Posted: 10/13/08 12:23 AM

Looking really good keep it up  Smile
Texas_Cressida | New User
Posts: 9 | Joined 01/27/08
Posted: 10/10/08 08:31 PM

Because this is my daily driver.
I have another that will be forced induction.
cressida | New User
Posts: 3 | Joined 09/23/08
Posted: 09/23/08 06:11 PM

beautiful ride,why you make it n/a?
Texas_Cressida | New User
Posts: 9 | Joined 01/27/08
Posted: 05/31/08 09:43 PM

I hear you!
So many Supras have went down the cheap chinese junk route.
Thanks for recognizing my effort to keep this a 'junk free' ride.
7Ms_ForLife | New User
Posts: 0 | Joined 05/18/08
Posted: 05/18/08 12:52 AM

Great to see a 7M owner thinking outside the 'chinese/eBay' box!
And it isn't even a dog-eared Supra.
--mastermind-- | New User
Posts: 2 | Joined 10/18/06
Posted: 04/20/08 07:01 PM

i have personally been taken around town in this car and with 4 people in it it feels like a freight train is running into your chest...solid torque..smooth ride..AMAZING exhaust note...(IMSA flashbacks when you hear it in the distance!)
SPANOZ | New User
Posts: 0 | Joined 01/29/08
Posted: 01/29/08 01:38 PM

I see in the strip and I was impress for an auto and a nice looking car ,It was fast . Cool  Cool
Drifter_Twins | New User
Posts: 0 | Joined 01/28/08
Posted: 01/28/08 04:08 AM

Awesome and rare Car !!!
Build with finest real quality parts !!!
Hope to see more from it !!!
davegt27 | New User
Posts: 0 | Joined 01/28/08
Posted: 01/28/08 02:39 AM

I took a ride in this car--very fast
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